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Project Zawadi has been working to ensure Tanzanian children and youth have access to a quality education for 20 years. We provide student sponsorship, school support, and professional development training for teachers.

Our work is delivered by 18 Tanzanian staff in the Nyamuswa area (located two hours west of the Serengeti). We collaborate with communities, schools and teachers to design and deliver effective initiatives that are sustainable, replicable and culturally relevant.

We are a small organization with a big impact. Continue reading for more information on our three programs.

Primary schooling is universal, compulsory, and free in Tanzania, but there are a number of reasons why many students attend sporadically or dropout altogether. Project Zawadi's Sponsorship program seeks to address these obstacles by partnering with students' families, communities, and schools to provide students with the material resources (supplies and uniforms and non-matieral support (counseling and empowerment clubs) students need to succeed. Read below to learn about some of our current students. To learn more about our Sponsorship visit our program page. To become a sponsor today, donate here.


Saranga is in standard three at Kurusanga Primary School. He lives with his mother who has a cognitive disability. His mother's disability made him very shy. In group settings he felt uncomfortable speaking up and asking for help. Saraga has been receiving counseling from Project Zawadi counselors for a year and is showing improvement. He expresses his needs to adults and play with other children.


Ng’orema is from Nyangere village. She has been sponsored by Project Zawadi for eight years! She is currently in form three at Nyamang’uta Secondary School. She's 17 and lives with her mother and seven siblings (her father passed away several years ago). Ng’orema likes History, English and Civics, and wants to become a lawyer after completing school.

The Tenda Teachers program is a comprehensive professional development program. In this year alone, our Tenda Teachers program is training 200+ teachers and impacting more than 15,000 students! Check out Ilene's video below where she shares her experience using the strategies. You can read more about Tenda Teachers here, and learn about the strategies here. 

It costs approximately $200 a year to train a teacher through this programming. If Tenda Teachers excites you, visit our donate page and contribute!

This program is directed by an intensive community and school planning iniative. We pool knowledge, resources, personnel, and energy to address the following needs at a pilot group of four government primary schools:

  • Infrastructure (teaching housing, classroom renovation, water, and more)
  • Leadership development
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Enrichment activities (school clubs)
  • Girls' Empowerment
  • Student hunger
  • School farms

You can find more information about each school here.

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