Active Teaching & Learning


Active Teaching and Learning Handbook

Great teachers recognize the limitations of the traditional lecture style of instruction and rote memorization to student learning. Simple presentation of materials without engaging students in the learning process is not enough to ensure student success. Students need to talk about what they are learning, apply their knowledge, and participate actively in classes to improve their understanding and retention of subject matter.

To advance this goal and Project Zawadi’s mission of supporting quality education in Tanzania, the Tenda Teachers program worked in collaboration with Tanzanian and USA education experts to publish The Active Teaching and Learning Handbook: 70 Learner-Centered Teaching Techniques to Actively Engage and Motivate Students in Tanzania.

The handbook details how the student-centered approach to teaching and learning can be successfully used in classrooms in Tanzania. It has become the basis for a series of interactive professional development modules.

The Tenda Teachers Professional Development Program is currently offered only in the Chamriho Division of the Bunda District. The handbook is available for all to download and use, free of charge.

We only ask that you properly attribute materials used to the Tenda Teachers Program of Project Zawadi.