Project Zawadi is committed to a student-centered model supported by our three program areas



Student Sponsorship

Project Zawadi has supported over 750 students in the Nyamuswa area since its founding in 2000. From the original class of four primary students to today’s cohort of 299 active sponsored students, Project Zawadi’s core promise has not changed. Project Zawadi promises to support a student’s educational expenses for however far their hard work and determination can take them on their road to self-reliance. Depending upon the student’s goals and interests, that may be an academic, vocational, or life skills training track.


Project Zawadi believes every student deserves an opportunity to attend school. That is why selection for sponsorship at the primary school level is based on a student’s need rather than their academic ability.

Merit Sponsorship

At the secondary and tertiary levels, Project Zawadi’s Merit Sponsorship Program supports high-achieving students for whom the added costs of secondary school or university would otherwise make their continued studies financially out of reach for their families. Through a competitive selection process, these promising students’ financial needs, above and beyond the level of what their families can continue to provide, are supported.


Tenda Teachers

Supporting teachers' needs is integral to improving the quality of education for students.  Tenda Teachers addresses the gap in training and professional development for teachers.

Tenda Teachers Professional Development Program

To provide high quality, school-based teacher training, Project Zawadi staff worked with international education experts to create seven interactive modules that present internationally recognized best teaching and learning practices in the context of Tanzanian schools.  The videos are all in Swahili and fully integrated into a comprehensive learning experience supporting professional development of primary school teachers.

The Alliance for Teacher Professional Development in Tanzania

The Alliance is a network of education agencies and non-governmental organizations devoted to developing teachers' professional skills and improving the quality of instruction in Tanzania's schools. Project Zawadi is coordinating efforts to create a professional support network and develop trainings, tools, and techniques for teachers.

English Bridge Workshops

To prepare for the change in language of instruction from Swahili to English in secondary school, selected students participate in a seven-week English-intensive training workshop.  The goal is to increase English comprehension and conversational skills ahead of the new school year.

Model Schools

Directed by an intensive community and school planning initiative, the Model Schools program supports the vision each community has of a model, high-quality educational institution for their children.  Currently working with a pilot group of four government primary schools, Project Zawadi and the communities are pooling knowledge, resources, personnel, and energy to address infrastructure, teaching materials, staff professional development, student and family support, and academic and career counseling needs.

Other Partner Schools

Project Zawadi has long worked to partner closely with communities and schools in the Nyamuswa area to promote education and to support sponsored students.  These Core and Sister Schools provide additional opportunities for students, teachers, and communities.