Our Model Schools

Project Zawadi's Model Schools program works with communities and schools to ensure students have a productive and enjoyable day at school.

Where it started

In 2017, Project Zawadi underwent a comprehensive strategic planning process, the result of which was an intensified focus on improving the quality of education not just for sponsored students, but for all students at partner schools. This focus on improved quality was the spark for the Model Schools program. Model Schools pools the strengths of all stakeholders to improve the educational experience for students and teachers.

Four schools that have been long-term partners with Project Zawadi were recruited to be our first four pilot schools: Sarawe Primary, Busore Primary, Kurusanga Primary, and Kambarage Primary.

What we do

The specifics of each Model School plan are unique to the community it serves.  Implementation plans incorporate aspects of the following:

  • Infrastructure projects to meet the needs of students, teachers, and staff (such as water, sanitation, classrooms, teacher housing, and electricity)
  • Teaching materials
  • Professional development for school teachers and administration
  • Student and family support
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Academic support for students through enrichment activities
  • Girls empowerment
  • Model Farms to address hunger and land conservation

How we do it:

The Model Schools team consists of:

  • Program Manager (Joel Elphas)
  • Construction Coordinator (Maneno Wright)
  • Water Projects Coordinator (Goodluck Estomih)
  • School Clubs Coordinator (Gingiri Mwesa)
  • Model Farms Coordinator (coming soon). 

This team works with volunteers (in the US as well as the Nyamuswa area), external partners, school leadership, teachers, students, parents, and communities to identify school needs and viable solutions. The community inventory and vision development process was completed for all four schools in 2019 and we’ve been in the implementation phase ever since. 

Each project has its own timeline and method of implementation. For more details on what has been accomplished at each school, click below. 

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There are so many who deserve a special 'thank you' for their dedication to ensuring children in the Nyamuswa area have access to a quality education.

Community members from the Nyamuswa area

To date, hundreds of parents and community members have contirbuted thousands of volunteer hours to Model School projects. They haul water, and carry rocks and sand to support infastructure projects. They participate in planning and visioning meetings. They attend trainings to learn how to better support their children and keep their communities safe.

Model School Sponsors

Select individuals have taken on the financial responsibility of funding Model Schools work at an entire school.

  • Jackie Mahi Erickson
  • Rhonda Barona/Expanding Horizons- Kurusanga Primary School