Kurusanga Primary

Kurusanga Primary

Project Zawadi’s cooperation with Kurusanga began in 2003 with the first cohort of ten sponsored students. Over the years Kurusanga has been an active partner with the Sponsorship Program. In 2007 Project Zawadi donors worked to raise money to construct two classrooms and an office at Kurusanga by raising donations through the Giving Hope campaign. In 2018, the Expanding Horizons campaign funded construction of another much-needed classroom at the school.

In 2019, Kurusanga was selected as part of the second group of Model Schools and the strategic planning process began in earnest. The community created a Model School Task Force whose job it was to gather input from stakeholders and guide the development of a five-year strategic plan. Through a series of meetings, the task force conducted a community inventory, identified strengths and needs, and began work on the strategic plan. Anticipated to be completed in fall 2019, the strategic plan will reflect the community’s priorities for its school and implementation.

Location: Kurusanga Village

Levels: Kindergarten - Standard 7

Number of Students: 925

Number of Teachers: 10 (11 more teachers needed to maintain required ratio of 1:45)

Number of Classrooms: 7 (14 more classrooms needed to accommodate the number of students)

Number of Student Toilets: 5 for girls and 5 for boys (an additional 22 student toilets are needed)

Number of Staff Toilets: 0 (2 toilets are needed)

Number of Teacher Houses: 6 (an additional 4 teacher houses are needed)

Water source: Gutters and one collection tank for drinking water only – students bring water from home from home for school garden and other uses

Electricity: Partial

Rank on Primary School Leaving Exam 2018 (Mara Region): 166/697 (76th percentile)