Kambarage Primary

Kambarage Primary

Project Zawadi’s cooperation with Kambarage began in 2004 with the first cohort of eight sponsored students. Over the years since then, Kambarage has been an active partner and one of the core schools for the Sponsorship Program. With an engaged community and motivated administration, it’s no surprise that the school was selected to participate in the second group of Model Schools.

Kambarage is the most remote of the Model Schools and the road leading to it is extremely rough, which can make for difficult travel to and from the school. Since there are not enough teacher’s houses at the school, some teachers are forced to live far away. During the rainy season, the road sometimes is impassable for teachers and students alike.

In the summer of 2019, the Kambarage community created a Model School Task Force whose job it was to gathering input from stakeholders and guide the development of a five-year strategic plan. Through a series of meetings, the task force conducted a community inventory, identified strengths and needs, and began work on the strategic plan. It is anticipated that the planning process will be completed in fall 2019. Implementation of the strategic plan, which reflects the community’s priorities for its school, will begin immediately upon completion of the planning phase.

Location: Tiring’ati Village

Levels: Kindergarten - Standard 7

Number of Students: 578

Number of Teachers: 9 (12 more teachers needed to maintain required ratio of 1:45)

Number of Classrooms: 6 (7 more classrooms needed to accommodate the number of students)

Number of Student Toilets: 5 for girls and 5 for boys (an additional 25 student toilets are needed)

Number of Staff Toilets: 0 (2 staff toilets are needed)

Number of Teacher Houses: 3 (an additional 6 teacher houses are needed)

Water source: gutters and one collection tank

Electricity: No

Rank on Primary School Leaving Exam 2018 (Mara Region): 362/697 (48th percentile)