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We are Tanzanian and American teachers committed to improving teaching and learning in Tanzanian classrooms and building cultural bridges.  Our call to “Act Now” (Tenda in Swahili) is directed at Tanzanian educators to join our network, attend our trainings, use our handbook, and visit our social media sites to learn more about active teaching and learning techniques.  We believe that lecture style instruction and rote memorization are not enough to ensure student success and that students need to talk about what they are learning, apply their knowledge and participate actively in class.  Our “Act Now” call is also directed at American educators to build partnerships and cultural bridges with Tanzanian teachers and students.  We believe that American and Tanzanian students and teachers have much to learn from one another.

Our Motto:  ACT NOW!   Improve Instruction.  Build Bridges.  Change Lives.
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Tenda Teachers: Active Teaching and Learning Handbook

Foreword and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Learner Centred Teaching

Chapter 2 – Building A Positive Classroom Environment

Chapter 3 – Planning A Learner-Centred Lesson

Chapter 4 – LCTs At the Beginning Of A Lesson

Chapter 5 – Questioning Techniques

Chapter 6 – LCTs For Development of New Knowledge and Reinforcement

Chapter 7 – Partner and Group Work

Chapter 8 – LCTs for Assessment And Consolidation – Wrap Up

Chapter 9 – Class Management

Conclusion and References

To download the full handbook, please click here.

Kupata kitabu hiki bonyeza hapa

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