Empowerment Clubs are Changing Lives

Empowerment Clubs have become an integral piece of the Sponsorship program. 

A few weeks ago, things in Sarawe Village were a little chaotic. There was some commotion in the village and community members were gathering for ‘yowe’. Yowe is a local practice of gathering when there’s a problem in the village (such as a burglary), to make noise and raise an alarm.

The Empowerment Club at Sarawe Primary School happened to be gathering outside. They were playing games when the group of community members walked by. 

Our counselors overheard someone in the group ask what the students were doing. A parent in the group spoke up and shared that it was Project Zawadi. “They change lives,” she said. She also shared that her daughter has grown, learned and “thinks for herself” since being a part of the group. 

We appreciate that community members are sharing their experiences with each other. We are happy to hear that the Empowerment Club brought positivity to an otherwise stressful morning in Sarawe! Most importantly, we love to hear that the work you make possible is changing lives.

Project Zawadi Empowerment Clubs really took off in 2020. Clubs meet weekly and are currently offered at 6 schools: Sarawe Primary School, Busore Primary School, Makongoro Secondary School, Kurusanga Primary School, Kambarage Primary School and Nyamang’uta Secondary School. They are facilitated by Project Zawadi counselors and seasoned interns. Each club is made up of 50 students including all the sponsored students at the school as well as other interested students. Students learn and practice self-awareness, confidence, leadership, and communication through discussion and play.

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