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Eco Challenge – Water Tank Update

Eco Challenge – Water Tank Update

Water Tank


In Fall 2015, the Eco-Challenge was initiated with the intent to create a specific ‘challenge’ project that will have a lasting positive impact on the quality of education that PZ students will receive and will be completed in a way that is eco-friendly.  The water component of the project was our first priority and is near completion!

Our initial goal was to build three water tanks at partner schools along with rain gutters and necessary materials to provide clean water for each school and teacher’s home.  We are happy to report that 100% of the funds have been raised and one water tank at Makongoro Secondary school is fully complete with two more under construction at Mihingo Primary and Nyangere Primary.  All three tanks will be ready for the next school year in mid-January.

Funds from this Eco-Challenge have been used to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to make the eco-friendly curved bricks that will become rainwater collection tanks.  Historically, the process for making baked mud bricks required the death of several trees for every structure. This new process requires no baking, it costs less, looks better and builds stronger, longer-lasting structures. Now that the community has the curved brick press, we will be able to build more water tanks in the future.

Thank you to everyone who made the Eco Challenge – Water Component possible!

A Special Thanks to Our Lead Donors!
Gold Level:  Jackie Erickson
Silver Level:  Maureen and Oz Osborne
Bronze Level: Tim and Lisa Benroeck, Megan and Barrett Ellis, Clayton and Jan Kooiker, Ian Moore, Malcolm and Mary Morris, Azim Rawji and Robin Van Liew, Carol Macherey, Gary and Carolyn Martyn, and Paul Sack

Additional support from:  Ronald Aminzade,  Dean and Sharon Banks, Joanne Brown,  Jacalyn and Gregory Evenson, Michelle Fabian, Joanie Freckmann and Ronald  Hoffman, Penny Greenblatt, Jane and Kirk Grimm,  Dale and Judy Groth , Pat and John Guyette, Mark and Ruth Henry, Nance Hikes and Michael Melampy, Cheryl and Reuben Jones, Maria and Steven Kirsch, Barney and Janet Lee, Mike and Christine Lucey, Celia and Joseph Maglione, Mitzi and Fred McCormick, Jeanne Mugge, Amy and Joel Nesset, Lorrie and Ken Porte, Jackie Prince, , Cappy and Beth Rothman, Jeanne Schleh and Robert Stanich, Michael Talbot and Jim  Glenn, Randy and Pam Tanner, Elena Thomas-Kerr, Michael Thornton, Christine and Daniel Unger, Diana and Bob Wangsness, Laura and Ryan Willemsen, and Diane L. Wolter