Wakanyi2010Eleven-year-old Wakanyi Mgisi is the youngest of nine girls. Education is very important in the Mgisi family and Wakanyi is dedicated to her studies. She walks five miles to and from school every day. However, it’s a major struggle for her widowed mother to cover the costs of Wakanyi’s schooling. Recognizing this, in 2009 Wakanyi’s community selected her for PROJECTZAWADI sponsorship. The results have been nothing short of amazing!

Wakanyi was an average student scoring near the middle of the pack her first two years in school. Since becoming a PZ student, she’s scored first in her class. Due to her high achievement, the school committee recommended that she skip one level and move right on to the next. Wakanyi’s goal is to continue studying hard in hopes of one day attending university and then being able to give back to vulnerable children like herself.

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