Selection Process

Nyamuswa primary studentsEvery village in Tanzania has a democratically-elected education committee that is responsible for issues pertaining to education. In each village where we sponsor children, we ask this committee to select the students for PROJECTZAWADI sponsorship.

PROJECTZAWADI believes that every student deserves an opportunity to attend school. That is why we do not make our selections based on academic ability. After all, many students in Tanzania get poor grades simply because of the pressures caused by poverty. We often find that students who originally struggled in school, excel after sponsorship.

The committee members are asked to consider the following guidelines:

  1. Need/Poverty (Considering community household income and assets, who are the poorest children in the community?)
  2. Illnesses (Are guardians ill with HIV/AIDS or some other severe illness?)
  3. Disabilities
    1. Does the child have any disabilities?
    2. Do his/her guardians have any disabilities?
  4. Orphanhood (Is one or more parent deceased?)
  5. Gender (Select at least as many girls as boys.)
  6. Tribe (Do not give preference based on tribe.)
  7. Relatives (Committee members are not allowed to select relatives for sponsorship.)
  8. Intelligence/Academic Ability (Do not give preference to students who show greater academic ability.  Selection should be based on greatest need.)