Msafiri SamsonMsafiri, a PZ-sponsored student since 2004, lives with his elderly grandmother.  As a young child, he suffered a severe burn to his face and eye socket in an accident.  As he grew, the burn became increasingly problematic and painful and it interfered greatly with his normal daily activities including his secondary school studies.  Last fall, through a special program hosting visiting specialist doctors at Selian Hospital in Arusha, PZ arranged for Msafiri to receive treatment for the burn and reconstructive surgery to his eye socket.  The procedure and recovery period were somewhat extensive but ultimately very successful.  It has made a huge difference in Msafiri’s health, attitude and outlook on life.  He is repeating his Form 3 year at Salama Secondary school (due to the amount of school missed for his treatment ) and is doing well in his studies.  With plans to become a teacher, we can’t wait to see where Msafiri’s path takes him in the future.

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  1. i’m Msafiri Samson, today i’m a student at the university of Dodoma.i would like to give my Thanks to project zawad.because it’s members saved me since 2004 when i was standard 2 until now.let God bless them

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