Mrembo NyasebwaMrembo is one of many children in her extended family. Students with albinism face unique challenges in East Africa due to the effects of the harsh sun on their unpigmented skin and local superstitions surrounding the condition.  Upon hearing about Mrembo’s difficulty with the sun on her long walks to and from school each day, her sponsors sent her a small care package containing a wide-brimmed hat and sun-protective clothing.  Currently a 5thgrader, Mrembo receives a lot of home support for her schooling from her father.  She works hard and it has paid off as she currently ranks 5th in her class of 76 students!

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  1. The good thing in this world is to help people with special needs. I wish Mrembo (The beauty) will archive her goals through the support from PZ & ZDIF. God Bless all.

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