PROJECTZAWADI occasionally needs volunteer help, but please note that most of the services we require are administrative and computer related tasks in the United States. We do not currently coordinate a volunteer program in Tanzania, but if you will be travelling independently to the area and have specialized skills (ie. professional photographer, master tradesman, teacher, medical professional, etc.) some short term volunteer placements may be available through our community partner.

If you are interested in volunteering with PROJECTZAWADI, please contact us at info@projectzawadi.org. It is helpful if you can include information about the skills you offer and the type of work that most interests you.

Some volunteer ideas:

  • Assist in semi-annual bulk mailings (Saint Paul, MN)
  • Coordinate an informational or fundraising speaking engagement in your community
  • Coordinate a fundraising initiative in your community to help sponsor one or more students (see some of the initiatives lead by our donors)
  • Research grants and other funding opportunities applicable to PZ’s work