Benard MazibaBenard first became a PZ sponsored student in 2006.  Upon completing primary school, Benard elected to join a carpentry program at a nearby vocational training center.  After successfully earning his Grade 1 Carpentry certificate in 2011, Benard began volunteering at the new Zinduka Vocational Training Centre in Nyamuswa.  Described as a hardworking boy by PZ’s community partner Zinduka, they soon brought Benard on-staff as an assistant instructor where he has been working helping other PZ students learn carpentry skills for the past 2 years.  Benard begins advanced carpentry training in Mwanza this fall and plans to return as a full instructor at Zinduka VTC upon earning his diploma.  “I am here at Zinduka VTC helping teach carpentry because you all helped me so much that I’ve decided to help others. THANK YOU!”

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