Our needs are many. Give in the way that feels best to you!

What You Can Fund This Year (2022/23):

If you are interested in underwriting a specific effort, please contact Brian at bsinger@projectzawadi.org or call 651-217-0743. Naming opportunities are available for donations that fund an entire initiative, school or unit.


  • 6 weeks of English Bridge at four schools - $2,500 per school
  • Pilot project: Child protection & safety training at four schools - $1,250 per school
  • Career Coaching & Internships for recent graduates - $8,000
  • Merit Sponsorships for five new secondary students - $700 per student per year (6 years average)

Tenda Teachers

  • Train 64 teachers at eight schools for one year - $500 per teacher
  • Communities of Learning (CoL) for teachers developed at 23 schools - $700 per school - initiative underwritten for 2 years
  • Develop 10 new teacher training videos - $4,000
  • Capacity building trainings with government partners - $5,000

Model Schools (4 schools/communities)

  • Water delivery systems at Kurusanga and Busore Primary Schools - $10,000 each - both schools funded
  • Leadership Development training and coaching - $2,500 per school
  • Farmers’ Groups (seeds, tools and training) - $3,000 per school
  • Student Clubs - $1,250 per school
  • English Language Student Teacher - $1,000 per school
  • Six units of teacher housing at Busore Primary School - $10,000 each - 2 units funded

In-Kind Opportunities:

Frequent flyer miles

Frequent flyer miles make it possible for our staff and consultants to travel to Tanzania when necessary. If you would like to donate your frequent flyer miles to Project Zawadi, please contact Brianna at brianna@projectzawadi.org.

Facebook Ad Credit

Employees of Facebook are able to designate ad credit to organizations of their choice. If you or anyone you know works at Facebook and would like to support Project Zawadi in this way, please contact Brianna at brianna@projectzawadi.org.

Your time

We consider you and your time to be an invaluable resource. Please share our work with friends and family. Additionally, consider supporting us through volunteering your time and expertise. You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities here.

Specific areas of expertise we are especially in need of include:

  • Facebook Ads (creation, management, and education)
  • App-creation
  • Mass text messaging
  • Video making/editing


  • Compact battery-powered projectors
  • Smart phones for Tanzania staff (unlocked in good shape)
  • Laptops - no more than five years old, Windows 10, 4GB of RAM memory, and a 500 GB hard drive (as a minimum)
  • Photo printer