Why Tanzania

PROJECTZAWADI works in Tanzania because it is:

  • A place we know
  • A place where we have trusted partners on the ground
  • A place where we can make a big difference


PROJECTZAWADI‘s work stems from intimate knowledge of Tanzanian culture, history, and language, combined with strong relationships with local partners.

PROJECTZAWADI began in Tanzania because it’s where the organization’s founder, Brian Singer, served in the Peace Corps for two years as a teacher in the village of Nyamuswa.  The first seeds of the organization were planted when he helped four orphan brothers meet their basic needs and stay in school.

Since leaving the Peace Corps, Brian’s connection to Tanzania has remained very strong.  Not only did he found PROJECTZAWADI, but a few years later he, his wife Karen, and a Tanzanian business partner also started Access 2 Tanzania, a safari travel business.  Brian returns to Tanzania at least once every year, strengthening his relationships with key community leaders and deepening his knowledge and understanding of Tanzania. Enhancing our work even further, PROJECTZAWADI‘s Board of Directors is composed of Tanzanians, and others with significant work, study, or travel experience in Tanzania.


A key element of our success is the work of our partners – dedicated individuals and organizations in the communities where PROJECTZAWADI programs are active. Community leaders and committed teachers who recognize the critical importance of educating their country’s youth play a key role in the success of PROJECTZAWADI programs. It is through their partnership that we can identify the neediest students, monitor student progress on an ongoing basis, and ensure the efficient and effective use of funds.


We also work in Tanzania because it is a place where we can make a big difference. Poverty and AIDS present serious challenges to day-to-day life, not to mention a poor child’s chances of getting an education. By targeting the neediest children in some of Tanzania’s poorest communities, even a modest investment (by Western standards) can have a dramatic effect on a child’s life.  It’s often the difference between whether a child attends school or not. Furthermore, Tanzania is also a peaceful country in which our programs can be implemented unhindered by political or civil strife.