When PROJECTZAWADI students leave the traditional academic path, they are tracked into a vocational training program to build job and lifeskills important in supporting their progress towards self-reliance.  Students typically exit the traditional academic path at one of the three following points.  Depending upon when their exit occurs, different vocational opportunities  become available.

  1. After completing primary school
  2. After completing Form 2 of secondary school
  3. After completing Form 4 of secondary school

Zinduka Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

In 2012, to address the need for affordable, high quality vocational training in the Nyamuswa community, Zinduka opened up a Vocational Training Centre with significant financial support from PROJECTZAWADI.  The Centre is available to both day students and, in 2014, will open dormitory facilities for boarding students whose home villages are too far away for a daily commute.

The Centre currently offers programs in carpentry, needlework, and introduction to computers.  A welding program will be added in 2014 and expansion to include instruction in anticipated programs in masonry, cookery, driving and mechanics to be added as funding and institutional capacity allow.

The majority of PROJECTZAWADI students who enter the vocational track immediately after primary school attend the Zinduka VTC.

Saint Anthony Vocational Training Centre

Saint Anthony Vocational Training Centre is located in the regional center of Musoma, 65 kilometers to the northwest of Nyamuswa.  Founded in 1997 by the Catholic Diocese of Musoma, St. Anthony shares PROJECTZAWADI‘s mission of empowering students for self-reliance and also places a strong focus on serving orphans and other vulnerable children in the Mara Region.

Saint Anthony VTC currently offers high-quality and affordable programs in carpentry, needlework, bricklaying, metal works, residential electrical, auto mechanics, computers, driving, and cookery.

PROJECTZAWADI students who have completed some secondary schooling typically enter into one of the more advanced vocational tracks at Saint Anthony.

Other Vocational Training Programs

Occasionally, some PROJECTZAWADI students who have completed O-levels have a strong desire to pursue a vocation outside of the traditional offerings at Zinduka or Saint Anthony VTC.  When the student is highly motivated, the Counselors will work with them to identify an affordable,  high-quality training program in their desired field.  Zinduka staff then site-visit these locations to ensure that it is a safe and appropriate placement.

Some examples of other vocational training programs that PROJECTZAWADI students  have pursued in the past include:  architectural drafting, secretarial course, music production, accounting, graphic design, community development, and nursing.