Capacity Building

Virtually every primary school in rural Tanzania has a deficiency in classrooms, desks, and/or teacher’s housing, personnel and teaching/learning aids.   PROJECTZAWADI is committed to working with our local partners to enrich students’ academic environments through a variety of construction, training and supply purchase projects.

To date, PROJECTZAWADI has provided support to fund a wide variety of capacity building projects including:

  • Construction of 9 classrooms
  • Construction of 2 teachers offices
  • Construction of 2 teacher’s houses
  • Construction of 3 dormitories
  • Construction of a Vocational Training Centre in Nyamuswa
  • Construction of a preschool
  • Construction of 10 student toilets
  • Two professional development workshops for teachers
  • English-intensive workshop for entering secondary students
  • Provision of classroom desks
  • Provision of classroom reference books and textbooks
  • Provision of teachers guides
  • Electrification of a secondary school
  • Outfitting a computer lab with 10 computer stations, a computer projector and instructor laptop
  • Provision of advanced carpentry tools and sewing machines for vocational programs

Many of the above projects have been made possible through special fundraising initiatives spearheaded by our fabulous supporters.