Special Projects

Below is a list of one-time special projects that were identified by our community partner, Zinduka, and approved by our Board of Directors. These projects will enhance the overall teaching and learning environments in our cooperating schools (Nyamuswa, Tanzania).

SMALL PROJECTS (under $500)

  • Bicycles for students or teachers living far from school to use.  Bicycles will be passed on to others once student or teacher leaves PZ school. Estimated cost is $100 per bike.
  • Desks are needed in all PZ primary schools. Desks cost $60 each.
  • Equipment for dyeing and batiking cloth in the needlework vocational program.
  • Sewing machines and tools for VTC ($120 each, 10 needed)
  • Laptops for university and higher-level vocational students – $340 each
  • Classroom resources: teacher edition books, reference books, chalkboard, chalk, etc.

MEDIUM PROJECTS ($500-$5,000)

  • Merit Scholarship:  For high-achieving non-sponsored students who need financial help to continue with their studies.  $1,000/per scholarship
  • Back up electrical generator for computer lab.  Estimated cost is $1,500
  • Field Trips:  Provide funding for Project Zawadi to take sponsored students on field trips to the Serengeti, to visit nearby vocational programs, historic sites, etc.
  • English intensive short course for students entering secondary school (Form 1).
  • Completion of 2 teachers houses at Makongoro

LARGE PROJECTS (over $5,000)

For more specific information on any of the above listed projects or if you are interested in projects not listed, please feel free to email Vicki Dilley, Program Director at vicki@projectzawadi.org.

Note: Projects in bold are higher priority.