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Elibariki2010In 2002, 14 year-old Elibariki Walter became one of Project Zawadi’s first sponsored students. Elibariki was l iving at Children for Children’s Future (CCF), a center for street children in Arusha, and had been abandoned by his parents. Ranked 2 nd in his class of 115 students, Elibariki was described by the CCF director as intelligent, funny and creative: composing hip-hop songs about the rights of street children and what it’s like growing up on the streetsIn 2008, Elibariki left the PROJECTZAWADI boarding school he had been attending and in 2010 returned to Project Zawadi to attend a vocational course in music production at HomeBoyz Entertainment in Nairobi, Kenya. Elibariki is currently operating his own production studio in Dar es Salaam.



Nyabina lives with her mother and five siblings. Her mother supports the family by making charcoal and selling firewood and grains to local families. Nyabina has to walk 5 miles each way to school and hopes to someday become a teacher. She receives a lot of support and encouragement from her mother who advises Nyabina to work hard in her daily studies in order to improve her life and achieve her goals. Nyabina knows her family expects her to work hard and maybe one day to be the first in her family to attend University. Nyabina is doing well through the combination of her own hard work and her mother’s encouragement and is currently number two in her class of 68 students