PROJECTZAWADI is funded entirely through voluntary, charitable donations by individuals, family foundations and corporate matching programs. Our work is made possible only through their generosity.

In addition, some PROJECTZAWADI donors are active in cultivating support in their communities through fundraising initiatives. Below is a list of some recent initiatives spear-headed by our generous and committed supporters.

  • Access 2 Tanzania (ongoing)
  • Michelle Ahrenholtz and Friends (ongoing)
  • Todd McDonald’s “Lucille M. McDonald Scholarship Fund” (2002-2007)
  • Katie Graham Shannon’s “Sunshine Initiative” (2006)
  • Alex Tirion’s “Building Hope Initiative” (2007)
  • Peter and Colleen Sheehan’s “Suitcase Party” (2009)
  • Bruce & Jackie Erickson’s “Kahiau Desk Project” (2011)
  • Karl Grimm’s “Toilets for Tanzanians Initiative” (2011)
  • Katie Graham Shannon’s “Little Sprouts Preschool” (2011-2013)
 Project Zawadi supporter Jenna and sponsored student Yunia
A2T Proud PZ SupportersBuilding Hope 2007