PROJECTZAWADI makes a deliberate and committed effort to build strong partnerships with local groups and to help those local groups strengthen their capacity to accomplish their goals. We believe that local partners have insight into on-the-ground realities, they know how to get things done, and most importantly, when treated as equals, they embrace the work and take ownership. We frequently seek guidance from our local partners to make sure that our work has the greatest possible impact while being culturally appropriate. In return, we provide them with advice, training and connections that help them build organizations that are transparent, accountable and strong. The result is an efficient use of resources and sustainable development.
Zinduka, sponsorship

Zinduka Board 2013


Zinduka was formed in 2000 by a dedicated group of Tanzanians, all residents of the rural and isolated village of Nyamuswa. They started Zinduka because they saw that the vast majority of the international funds donated to Tanzania never reach rural areas – and they wanted to change that. Starting in 2000 with a budget of just $1,000 from two sources, most residents of Nyamuswa believed that Zinduka would fail to accomplish much. Last year, Zinduka was selected from a field of over 600 nominees as the national non-profit organization of the year in Tanzania by the Foundation for a Civil Society!  Zinduka has become a regional development force with an annual budget that exceeds $100,000, more than a dozen sources of funding, and an active, vibrant presence in the communities they serve.   Residents of Nyamuswa have become true believers, in fact others in the village have been inspired by Zinduka’s success to start organizations of their own.

Just some of Zinduka’s projects and programs include:

  • A student education sponsorship program that supports more than 370 students
  • The construction of over a dozen classrooms, a teacher’s house, a vocational training center, several school toilets, and three dormitories
  • A new medical clinic
  • A mosquito net campaign to prevent the spread of malaria
  • An HIV/AIDS awareness program
  • A micro-enterprise loan program for local women small business owners
  • A new drinking water storage tank for the Nyamuswa community
  • A sustainable gardening program
  • Development and operation of a vocational training center

Zinduka’s success has been so inspiring to the Nyamuswa community that they have been able to fundraise from local residents to fund some projects without addtional outside support. Throughout this growth process, PROJECTZAWADI has supported Zinduka by providing funds for Zinduka board members to strengthen their skills in English, bookkeeping and computers.


In 2013, PROJECTZAWADI and Zinduka entered into a formal agreement with nine local primary schools, four local secondary schools and the District Education Officer to cooperate in capacity building activities at these schools in return for schools support and active participation in PROJECTZAWADI program initiatives.

Capacity building activities have included:

  • capitol construction projects such as classrooms, teacher housing, student toilets, electrical connection, and water catchment and storage systems
  • provision of needed teaching and learning resources for classroom use including desks, student and teacher textbooks, reference books, basic school supplies, chalk, and playground equipment such as soccer and netballs
  • professional development workshops for teachers in the child-centered approach to education currently promoted by the Tanzania Ministry of Education facilitated by regionally and nationally recognized education experts
  • access to additional training for teachers in computers and English