Board of Directors

PROJECTZAWADI is proud to be steered by strong and active Directors who bring vision, energy and stability to this growing organization.  The Directors bring a variety of skills and experience in the fields of education, counseling, non-profit management, fundraising, and financial expertise along with significant first-hand experience in Tanzania to the table.

Current Board Members include:

Bette Merchant, Chair
Laura Willemsen, Vice Chair
Brian Singer, President
Vicki Dilley, Secretary
Mgizi Mbelwa, Treasurer
Ron Aminzade
Michelle Fabian
Jim Hartmann
Ian Keith
Josephat Mboyi
Aine McCarthy
Casey O’Connell
Matthew Thomas
Dr. Fran Vavrus


Board Members Emeritus:
A-Razaque Ahmed
Jay Cohen
Yma Gordon-Maloney
Katie Graham
Jennifer Haefeli
Emma Kasiga
Todd McDonald
Malcolm Morris
Neema Ngwilulupi-Malecela
Robin O’Brien
Wanda Olszewski
Louise Schneider Moretto
Shannon Skally
Anna Sirikwa
Karen Stupic